How to Quit Your Corporate Job and Start a Revolution*

God Bless the Grass

God bless the truth that fights toward the sunThey roll there lies over it and think that it is done  From the song God Bless the Grass by Malvina Reynolds At the end of my dream-like cross-country bicycle tour at the end of July 2018, reality hit hard. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer…Read more

Back in the Shire

My intention is to post an illustrated review of the 3.6 Million Revolutions for Justice Bike Tour in the next week or two. The main update I want to leave you with, for now, is that I made it back home to Portland last Friday evening (August 27) after spending a few days relaxing on…Read more

Almost There

This will be a brief post this week. I have completed 4719 miles of this journey across the North American continent, which I started three months ago (April 21, 2018) in Bar Harbor, Maine. I am resting today and spending some time with friends here on the Oregon coast. Tomorrow morning, I will ride the…Read more

Animal Encounters While Cycling

One of the advantages of moving through the world on a bicycle is being able to interact with people that you pass, eye to eye, in a human way that is just about impossible when traveling in a fast moving infernal combustion contraption. Most people that commute to work or school by bicycle know this…Read more

I post this entry from White Bird, Idaho after traveling 3970 miles. One of the best things about doing a bike tour is getting the opportunity to meet so many different people face-to-face. What I have found in people in all parts of the country, rural and urban, is completely contradictory to the mean spirits…Read more

The Great Pall

Three thousand six hundred and five is the number of miles I have traveled to arrive in Dillion, Montana. It has happened quite a number times all along the way on this trip but it is occurring more often now that I am riding over high mountain passes with views of snow-laced peaks made of…Read more

Through Occupied Territory

This post comes to you from Lander, Wyoming. I have so far traveled 3236 miles. Yesterday (June 21) marked two months on the road. Happy Solstice, by the way. According to this map that shows the territories of the indigenous people prior to the European invasion of the Americas, up to this point on the…Read more

Over the Hump

I am at milepost 2889 of my journey, in the Frisco, Colorado vicinity. This is the part of the trip for which I have longed from the start. To claim the bragging rights of having crossed a continent, one has to actually traverse the entire width of it. And so, I had to travel through…Read more

This post is sent to you from La Crosse, Kansas. At 2425 miles, I am at about the halfway point of the trip. Yesterday, the route began the slow and gradual gain in elevation toward the Continental Divide while trees became even more infrequent than they have been already. Though still days away, I am…Read more

Be Back Next Week

Because I stopped for six days in St Louis, I am traveling today and won’t have enough time to post anything. I can say my mileage count is approaching 2000 miles. I am currently in Sedalia, MO phoning this in, literally. It is hot, humid, and I really want to get these plains behind me.…Read more