Illustration of a computer screen with an envelope that is open with other envelopes hovering over the screen.

A Brief History of Email and How it Works

A brief history I have been setting up Internet email access for organizations since the 1980’s. Back then when I first started using email, the Internet community was comprised of universities, large companies, and government agencies, including the military, as …

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An illustration of a computer with a tiny person standing in front of it. There are internet domain (com, edu, etc) floating around the screen.

How to Register Your Domain Name

You are starting a new side gig selling the beautiful jewelry that you make. You know that on-line sales will be essential for your success. You do have an Etsy account but want to reach even more customers by putting …

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Vector of a robot opening a door of financial opportunities

How Much Does a Website Cost?

The cost of completing a website project varies depending on the functionality that you require. Some websites are more or less on-line brochures while others require complex e-commerce features. But, there is more to even the simplest website than you …

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