Office at Night
Office At Night, Edward Hopper, 1940

I founded This Neck of the Woods in February 2012 after having spent most of the last thirty years working for large companies. Recalling some of the experiences I had during those years, I wonder if human beings were meant to exist under such conditions. Therefore, one of my goals in establishing this company is to not become a big company, or even a medium-sized company, with all of the dominance hierarchy that such an organization would inevitably entail.  Nor do I wish to become trapped in the growth mindset endemic to doing business-as-usual.

So, in addition to providing some modest financial means for myself (no way can I grow enough food on my small urban lot to avoid the need to earn some cash) a major goal of This Neck of the Woods is to model ways of living that are in balance with respect to earning a living and enjoying life, what is typically called “work-life balance”. That is such a troublesome term. Does it imply that when one is at work, one is not alive? I am guessing that most people reading this while sitting in a corporate cubicle would answer affirmatively at least some of the time. But is that anyway to live?

What I would like to grow at This Neck of the Woods, along with the vegetables in my back yard, is community, whether it’s through the projects in which I engage, or through collaboration with other people and organizations.

Though This Neck of the Woods is currently a sole proprietorship, I am interested in exploring the possibility of establishing an IT workers co-op under this umbrella, or some other if it makes sense. I have not yet really investigated exactly how it might work but if you are a techie and have similar ideas in mind, please contact me.

Wendy Emerson