Back in the Shire

My intention is to post an illustrated review of the 3.6 Million Revolutions for Justice Bike Tour in the next week or two. The main update I want to leave you with, for now, is that I made it back home to Portland last Friday evening (August 27) after spending a few days relaxing on…Read more

Almost There

This will be a brief post this week. I have completed 4719 miles of this journey across the North American continent, which I started three months ago (April 21, 2018) in Bar Harbor, Maine. I am resting today and spending some time with friends here on the Oregon coast. Tomorrow morning, I will ride the…Read more

Animal Encounters While Cycling

One of the advantages of moving through the world on a bicycle is being able to interact with people that you pass, eye to eye, in a human way that is just about impossible when traveling in a fast moving infernal combustion contraption. Most people that commute to work or school by bicycle know this…Read more

I post this entry from White Bird, Idaho after traveling 3970 miles. One of the best things about doing a bike tour is getting the opportunity to meet so many different people face-to-face. What I have found in people in all parts of the country, rural and urban, is completely contradictory to the mean spirits…Read more