Wobbling Through New England

This will be my first post from the road after having been riding for almost a week. My routine, at least for now, will be to ride six days and then take a day to rest. As things have worked out, my rest day will be on Friday. So, look for trip updates like this…Read more

Square One

Hooray! I have made it to my starting point in Bar Harbor, ME. I plan to get on the road with my bike tomorrow morning. While I am here, I am doing my best to resist asking what must be a worn out question in this town: “So, hey. Where’s the bar?” The train trip…Read more

This post is a quick update on preparations for my upcoming bike tour across the United States which is titled 3.6 Million Revolutions for Justice. You can read about the details of the trip on the blog post with that same title. To summarize, I plan to ride from Bar Harbor, Maine to Astoria, Oregon.…Read more