The Raging Grannies in Seattle blocked the entrance to the office of the Washington Department of Ecology Thursday morning. There’s a video at this link. They were there to protest the safety standards that are being proposed for oil-by-rail traffic through Washington. But when one considers the climate impacts of continued use of fossil fuels,…Read more

If you are worried about whether the Republicans or Democrats will control the US Senate next week, relax. It doesn’t matter . As I hope you know by now,  money will be the puppeteer that makes the D’s and R’s dance around the stage. Check out this article on Truthdig. More money than ever is…Read more

Yay! By way of Common Dreams: An Oil Change International report entitled Material Risks: How Public Accountability Is Slowing Tar Sands Development finds that citizen blockades and other resistance actions are heavily impacting the bottom lines of oil companies and drilling operations. Resistance works!  

Is Revolution Brewing in the US?

On Alternet this morning there is an excerpt from the book The Economics of Revolution by David Degraw. This is part 3 of the book. Links to Part 1 and 2 can be found there. This will be my bed time reading this evening. There are plenty of disturbing stats in the excerpt to highlight…Read more

Depressed About Climate Change?

If you are depressed about climate change, and you should be, you’re not alone. As the bumper sticker goes, if you’re not depressed, then you’re not paying attention. An article on Grist discusses the problem of depression among scientists, and other “frontliners”, such as activists, who study and consider the effects of climate change every day. It…Read more