IT for Nonprofits

This Neck of the Woods Consulting

Mt HoodThe mission of This Neck of the Woods is to provide IT for nonprofits, local businesses, farms, and other organizations who are leaving business as usual behind and reinventing how we live, work, and play. This Neck of the Woods can provide help in evaluating, choosing, installing, and maintaining systems and applications intended to enable the rebuilding of communities and localized economies. Please see the Services page for details and contact us if you have questions about how This Neck of the Woods can help you. We now offer full-service WordPress hosting. In case you are asking, "What is wrong with business as usual?", click here.

IT for Nonprofits and Small Business

Don't get lost in the information technology forest. Let us help you find the way with:

  • Full-service WordPress hosting
  • Web application software installation and configuration including installation and configuration of web and application servers.
  • WordPress development, installation and administration.
  • Short-term development projects.
  • Maintenance programing.
  • Build and release management.
  • Unix and Linux system administration.
  • Web application troubleshooting.
  • Data conversion, maintenance, and migration.
  • Training and documentation.
  • Technical Writing.